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Are you a passionate cloth nappy advocate?

Do you enjoy sharing with others how to get the most out of their cloth nappies?

Do you want to meet others who share your passion? Would you like to direct your interest in cloth nappies into helping others access information (instead of spending more money a nappy stash!)?

Why not volunteer for the Australian Nappy Network!

All of our volunteers are parents, many of whom are not currently in the paid workforce. Volunteering can be an opportunity to update your skills or learn something new to add to your CV. The Australian Nappy Network is always looking for volunteers to fill roles within our organisation such as within advocacy projects or within the administration that keeps us running.

Reusable Nappy Week Volunteers: QLD, VIC, SA

Planning for Reusable Nappy Week (RNW) 2009 is underway, but the Australian Nappy Network is still recruiting volunteers to plan activities in a number of key states: Victoria, South Australia and Queensland. Each state independently plans events for the week (which runs from October 12-18th in 2009) with resources such as promotional materials, funds, and so forth being provided centrally. Some states have individual coordinators and others are being planned by a team of enthusiastic parents.

If you can help coordinate RNW in any state or territory (but particularly in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia where our previous coordinators have stepped down) we’d love to hear from you! Coordination requires making sure that there are at least some events taking place in your state/territory, and can involve as many or as few events as we have the volunteer energy to run. Contact fiona at webwords dot net dot au to express interest

Volunteer Coordinator

We are in need of somebody who can act as Volunteer Coordinator – keeping in contact with volunteers, matching skills to needs and advertising voluntary positions. If you would like to have a go at this role, please email fiona at webwords dot net dot au to discuss.


Finally, the Australian Nappy Network has as of the 1st of May decided to make membership free. All cloth nappy advocates are invited to become members, receive our regular ezines and so forth, and the capacity to access our public liability insurance for cloth nappy advocacy and represent us at events. This change is in recognition that our members are our most dedicated volunteers and we prefer not to ask our volunteers to pay for the privilege of helping us out. We do appreciate all donations however! Members can sign up via our website.  And lastly anyone can join our forum here where our plans for RNW and projects are discussed. If you are a member PM one of the moderators to make sure you get access to the members only discussions.

Happy advocacy!

There are busy times ahead for us over here in Perth with a number of festivals booked for March and April.

The following is a list of the events where the ANN will have a display stall. Currently we have had a few lovely people offer their time to help man (woman) the stalls but we really need a few more.  Helping out is REALLY easy, all it involves is standing around and chatting to people about cloth, what could be easier! We always have new advocates rostered on with those with experience so there is someone on hand to guide you if you need it. If you would like to volunteer some time or want to know more about it please contact Michelle Email

Here’s what we have:

Hyde Park Community Fair
Its on 1st & 2nd March (Labour Day long weekend), times are between 10am – 9pm on the Sunday and 10am – 5pm on the Monday.

Naragebup 10th WA Environment Festival – Winds of Change
The festival will take place on the 28th and 29th of March, 10am – 5pm

Perth Sun Fair
UWA – Sunday 5th April 2009
Time 9am – 5pm

Brisbane also have an event scheduled for June that they are also seeking volunteers for. 
The event details are:
Greenfest to be held on 5 – 7th June, full details are here
Helpers are required for 2 hour blocks on all 3 days. We are undercover in a marquee, easy access via ferry, bus and train (although a bit of a walk from the train, perhaps 15 minutes). Children welcome!
To find out more and sign on as a helper contact Lesley Email