Diaper Decisions and the Australian Nappy Network is proud to bring you the Eighth semi-annual Cloth Nappy Hunt, an internet scavenger hunt from March 1-31, 2010.

By visiting the sites on the hunt during the month of March 2010, you have an opportunity to explore a myriad of excellent natural family sites as you qualifiy for random prize drawings!

The concept behind our virtual scavenger hunt is to introduce consumers to the wonderful WAHMs that are “out there”, and many new products!

There are limited opportunities remaining to register as a sponsor. Please see the hunt website for more information.

NOTE: “So you want to be a Great Cloth Nappy Hunt Sponsor? We are looking for all types of family friendly business to sponsor our hunt. We are especially looking for websites that DON’T sell cloth nappies. I know what you are thinking, “The “nappy hunt” doesn’t want cloth nappies??” Although we love cloth nappies, 150 websites about cloth nappies can get boring. Variety is the spice of life, as they say.” (from the link above)

26/1/10 UPDATE The sponsor list for the March hunt is now full. Email to go on the waiting list for the September hunt.


Brisbane Cloth Nappy Expo: Change of Date: NOW SUNDAY 8TH NOVEMBER

Brisbane City Council has changed the date of the fair within which our 4th annual cloth nappy expo will be housed.  Please note the revised call for expressions of interest below and accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.  Regards Marijke, Qld Coordinator, RNW.

Here’s an Opportunity for all Brisbane Nappy Businesses!

If your business is within travelling distance of Brisbane you will be pleased to know that the ANN is organising a 4th Brisbane Cloth Nappy Expo to be held during Reusable Nappy Week this year on Sunday 8th November, 2009.

The Expo will be housed within a sustainability fair held by the Brisbane City Council in the Mount Gravatt Showgrounds, next a flea market which attracts 4000 people most Sundays. We will advertise our expo separately but should also benefit from BCC advertising of the larger event and walk by business. Hence we hope crowds will be even bigger than last year where over 150 people came through the door. This is a good opportunity to make on the spot sales or at a minimum have lots of people looking at your lovely nappies and taking home a business card!

Participating businesses will be given a table (or stand) within the Cloth Nappy Expo Marquee which will be in the babies and childrens’ section of the expo. We have also been promised a speaking slot at the nearby “parents’ café” to present an information seminar on reusable nappies and to point people to the nearby expo.

There will probably be a small charge for participating businesses, however the BCC and the ANN are aware of the imperative to keep costs down given that many businesses are fairly small enterprises. Please note all businesses will also need to have their own public liability insurance.

We are currently looking for expressions of interest in having a stand at this event. If you are interested please email the Queensland RNW Coordinator on qld@nappynetwork.org.au . You will be informed of all further deadlines and requirements as they arise!

September 2009 will once again be witness to people spending all hours of the day and night searching for the ever elusive Nappy Icon. If you are a WAHM and wish to have your web site explored by 1000’s of potential customers, then you should consider signing up to be a Sponsor.

For more information visit www.clothnappyhunt.com and have a look through the Rules and FAQ’s. The dates might not be updated from the March Hunt yet, but the rest of the information is valid and will give you an idea of what is involved.

In a nutshell, a Sponsor has to:

1. Donate a tangible prize (no gift vouchers or custom orders) valued at $15 or more.
2. Pay a Fee of $15 to cover postage of the prize to the winners and Programming/Hosting Fees to run the hunt.
3. Place the Sponsorship Button on the home page of your website like  this—>
4. Hide the Icon somewhere in your site during the month of September –>
5. Check the Diaper Decisions Forum DAILY during September to answer questions from the Hunters.

There are other bits and pieces to do, but that’s basically what you are responsible for. If this sounds easy enough to do, and you like the idea of a couple of thousand people looking through your site for the cost of $30, then go to www.clothnappyhunt.com and click on the Become a Sponsor Link to down load the rules and the application form. Have a careful read through them, fill out the application and send it to me by email

1. Sponsor Numbers will be capped at 150. At the time of posting this Previous Sponsors have already taken up a third of the spots, and we process on a first come, first served basis, so don’t dally.
2. Applications close on the 15th of August BUT the administrators of the hunt are away from August 1 to 14. I don’t want to come back to process a bunch of applications on our return, so I ask you to please send in your applications now!
3. If you do send in your application whilst we are away, and there is something missing or incorrect, it needs to be rectified BY the 15th of August. If I don’t get to your email in time to get it fixed you will not be able to be a Sponsor.
4. Payment needs to be received by August 15th BUT you will not be able to pay until I have processed your application. So again, if you send your application while I am away, and there are too many to get through on my return, you might miss out on being a Sponsor.
5. Your prize needs to be received by us by August 20th. If I don’t get your application before we leave, then you will not know where to send the prize, and if you live in Perth or NZ, there is no guarantee that your prize will get here in time.

The point I am making is send in your application now!

Please post in this thread if you have any questions, or send me an email

>> Shane <<


To thank our sponsors, at the completion of their first year of sponsorship the ANN will extend all sponsorsors who have been confirmed by payment before the 31 August 2008, by 3 months. This extension will only apply to sponsors for whom we have received at least their first instalment before 31st August, and will not apply to sponsorships that cease prior to the first anniversary of their sponsorship commencing.

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank our subscribers and members to date, so the ANN will extend the membership/subscription by 3 months for anyone taking out a subscription or membership prior to 31st August 2008. This will be in addition to the extension available for individuals who have assisted the ANN in a volunteer capacity in the past.

Additionally, as a further expression of our gratitude for our members’ and subscribers’ support, we will run a draw for all current paid members as at the end of 31 July 2008 to win one of 3 prizes valued at approximately $35 each. If you are not yet a member and would like to join now to be eligible for the draw visit our website www.nappynetwork.org.au. Winners will be notified by email before 5th August 2008 and announced on our website and in the Spring edition of The Nappy Wrap.