The second Casey Cloth Nappy Expo will be held just prior to Reusable Nappy Week 2009 to kick of the week’s activities in Victoria.  The event, incorporating ‘green kids’ – organic clothing and more – will be held on Saturday 10th October, 10am-4pm, Balla Balla Centre, 65 Berwick-Cranbourne Rd, Cranbourne East. Entry is free!

The event includes:

– Cloth nappy stalls
–  Organic baby and children’s clothing
– Giveaways and vouchers
–  Door prizes
–  Children’s activities
and more!

Come and see modern cloth nappies – proudly presented by the City of Casey

For more information please contact the City of Casey on 03 9705 5200

TTY: 03 9705 5568 TIS: 131 450 (Translating and Interpreting Service) Website:

Brisbane Cloth Nappy Expo: Change of Date: NOW SUNDAY 8TH NOVEMBER

Brisbane City Council has changed the date of the fair within which our 4th annual cloth nappy expo will be housed.  Please note the revised call for expressions of interest below and accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.  Regards Marijke, Qld Coordinator, RNW.

Here’s an Opportunity for all Brisbane Nappy Businesses!

If your business is within travelling distance of Brisbane you will be pleased to know that the ANN is organising a 4th Brisbane Cloth Nappy Expo to be held during Reusable Nappy Week this year on Sunday 8th November, 2009.

The Expo will be housed within a sustainability fair held by the Brisbane City Council in the Mount Gravatt Showgrounds, next a flea market which attracts 4000 people most Sundays. We will advertise our expo separately but should also benefit from BCC advertising of the larger event and walk by business. Hence we hope crowds will be even bigger than last year where over 150 people came through the door. This is a good opportunity to make on the spot sales or at a minimum have lots of people looking at your lovely nappies and taking home a business card!

Participating businesses will be given a table (or stand) within the Cloth Nappy Expo Marquee which will be in the babies and childrens’ section of the expo. We have also been promised a speaking slot at the nearby “parents’ café” to present an information seminar on reusable nappies and to point people to the nearby expo.

There will probably be a small charge for participating businesses, however the BCC and the ANN are aware of the imperative to keep costs down given that many businesses are fairly small enterprises. Please note all businesses will also need to have their own public liability insurance.

We are currently looking for expressions of interest in having a stand at this event. If you are interested please email the Queensland RNW Coordinator on . You will be informed of all further deadlines and requirements as they arise!

The Winter 2009 issue of ANN ezine “The Nappy Wrap” includes an article on Terry Squares, an introduction from our new Reusable Nappy Week Coordinator and a look at our winning Sponsors from the last Cloth Nappy Hunt.

You can download now it from our website.

If you enjoy reading Issue 5, click here to become a member of ANN to receive an advance preview of Issue 6 this coming Spring…!

REUSABLE NAPPY WEEK – October 12th – 18th

It’s all steam ahead with the planning for RNW 2009.  The theme chosen for RNW this year is CHOICE in nappying (Choose to Reuse). With reusable nappies you aren’t limited into one style of nappy which has been generally adapted for all babies. One of the great advantages of reusable nappies is that we can choose what will suit our babies’ individual needs from a wide variety of different systems. In addition, by choosing to reuse, you are also choosing to save money, and help the environment.

We have had our first big National Planning Meeting to get things underway with more to come over the coming months. If there’s an event you want to see near you, or you want to lend us a hand during RNW, we’d be happy to hear from you. We need to start locking in events and volunteers soon!  

Some ideas for the types of things that can be done are below, if you think that you can help organise any of these in your state, have some other event ideas or can you help in any way please contact your state co-ordinator  or come and join us on the ANN forum

As said many times, you don’t need to commit to doing a stint on TV or a talk to 100 parents, a simple coffee catch up at a chid friendly cafe, or better still, a park, goes down really well and is fun for all.

Anyone willing to contact their local library about display space, and if they are willing to lend a nappy (or few) to the cause for a week, we can provide posters and flyers. A display at a library is fantastic exposure and low maintenance.

If you have a contact at your local council or would like to seek their support could be useful.

We have previously organised some great workshops and would love to hear from anyone keen to share their nappy sewing knowledge and perhaps make snap presses available. We are looking to have these in a number of states this year.

Do you love your woollies as much as your nappies? Why not share the woolly love around and knit with friends? Perhaps you‘d like to have a go at dyeing your own wool but want someone more experienced to oversee it?

Shopping Centre Displays/Expos have previously been run in the past, including fashion parades. All offers of help welcome.

There will be a national, state and local approach regarding the media. Any tips/offers of help welcome.

If you could distribute posters, flyers and brochures in your local area to service providers and in locations frequented by parents with young children, we would greatly appreciate your offers of help.

We have PLI for any events that require it.

VIC CO-ORDINATOR – We also require a co-ordinator for VIC. Please let us know if you are interested.

GREAT DOWN UNDER NAPPY HUNT (Sept 09) – We may need some helpers to assist with Hunt organisation as well.

Several ANN-related and promoted events are taking place in various locations around Australia over the coming winter months. To keep up to date with when and where these events are visit our website and check out the ANN online calendar.

Check for details of events in:

Queensland: Get togethers  and information sessions held regularly in Brisbane, Info Stall at Greenfest

Western Australia: Information Stall at Mandurah Living Smart Expo, 7 June 09

Victoria: Monthly information sessions in Northcote, and monthly meets currently being planned!

New South Wales: Social get togethers in Sydney

Australian Capital Territory: Monthly social nappy meets in Canberra

among others… Regularly updated, so stay tuned!

Are you a passionate cloth nappy advocate?

Do you enjoy sharing with others how to get the most out of their cloth nappies?

Do you want to meet others who share your passion? Would you like to direct your interest in cloth nappies into helping others access information (instead of spending more money a nappy stash!)?

Why not volunteer for the Australian Nappy Network!

All of our volunteers are parents, many of whom are not currently in the paid workforce. Volunteering can be an opportunity to update your skills or learn something new to add to your CV. The Australian Nappy Network is always looking for volunteers to fill roles within our organisation such as within advocacy projects or within the administration that keeps us running.

Reusable Nappy Week Volunteers: QLD, VIC, SA

Planning for Reusable Nappy Week (RNW) 2009 is underway, but the Australian Nappy Network is still recruiting volunteers to plan activities in a number of key states: Victoria, South Australia and Queensland. Each state independently plans events for the week (which runs from October 12-18th in 2009) with resources such as promotional materials, funds, and so forth being provided centrally. Some states have individual coordinators and others are being planned by a team of enthusiastic parents.

If you can help coordinate RNW in any state or territory (but particularly in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia where our previous coordinators have stepped down) we’d love to hear from you! Coordination requires making sure that there are at least some events taking place in your state/territory, and can involve as many or as few events as we have the volunteer energy to run. Contact fiona at webwords dot net dot au to express interest

Volunteer Coordinator

We are in need of somebody who can act as Volunteer Coordinator – keeping in contact with volunteers, matching skills to needs and advertising voluntary positions. If you would like to have a go at this role, please email fiona at webwords dot net dot au to discuss.


Finally, the Australian Nappy Network has as of the 1st of May decided to make membership free. All cloth nappy advocates are invited to become members, receive our regular ezines and so forth, and the capacity to access our public liability insurance for cloth nappy advocacy and represent us at events. This change is in recognition that our members are our most dedicated volunteers and we prefer not to ask our volunteers to pay for the privilege of helping us out. We do appreciate all donations however! Members can sign up via our website.  And lastly anyone can join our forum here where our plans for RNW and projects are discussed. If you are a member PM one of the moderators to make sure you get access to the members only discussions.

Happy advocacy!

ANN MEDIA RELEASE – For immediate release


This year’s Real Nappy Campaign in the UK is advising parents to combat the credit crunch with real nappies. The UK Real Nappy Week (April 27 – May 3) coincides with an announcement by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd that Australia has followed the world into a recession. During a time of economic hardship, the use of cloth nappies has been proven to save families $2000 per child.

Increasingly, cloth nappies are being seen as an economical alternative to disposables and Australia’s Fourth Annual Reusable Nappy Week (RNW) will be held from the 13th to the 18th of October. RNW is an advocacy event, used to raise awareness of the benefits of cloth nappying.

Outgoing RNW coordinator, Lucy Westerman, says she has seen a significant shift in awareness of reusable options during her time as a volunteer for the Australian Nappy Network.

“In the 5 years I have had my children in nappies, I have seen an incredible increase in availability, quality and awareness about reusable nappies in Australia. Anecdotally, there has been a distinct resurgence in the use of reusable nappies, with so many wonderful fabric, design and budget choices available.”

“When considering everything, including transport and laundering,” says Westerman, “Choosing reusable nappies can cost a meager 5c per nappy change, as opposed to throwing away more than 50c per single use nappy.”

Rosa Bohan, mother of two from Dubbo believes there is no better time to switch to cloth. “The financial savings are enormous,” she says. “It makes such a difference to the family budget when you can save between $30 and $50 a week at the checkout, simply by using cloth for one or two children.”

A number of local councils around Australia are supporting the use of cloth within communities. The City of Casey in Victoria is offering rebates on the purchase of a reusable nappy system and the City of Melbourne offers free advice, information and support to parents who are considering the switch to cloth.

Last year, a study found that the use of cloth nappies can reduce carbon emissions by up to 40%. This, coupled with phenomenal savings and the ease of use of modern design cloth nappies, is effecting a shift in the way many Australian parents are choosing to nappy their children.

“When modern cloth nappies save thousands of dollars and require no pinning, soaking or folding, it’s getting harder for parents to find a good excuse to use disposables,” says Penrith mum, Emma Vieira. “Even working mums are finding that it’s just as easy to take cloth nappies to day care and run them through a quick wash in the evening.”

The Australian Nappy Network (ANN) is a non-profit organisation promoting the health, environmental and financial advantages of reusable nappies – more details can be found at The ANN also organises the annual community education initiative Reusable Nappy Week, Real Nappy Week in the UK is being co-ordinated by


To arrange an interview, photo call or for further information please contact
Michelle Prince on 0404 309 370 or email Michelle.