Diaper Decisions and the Australian Nappy Network is proud to bring you the Eighth semi-annual Cloth Nappy Hunt, an internet scavenger hunt from March 1-31, 2010.

By visiting the sites on the hunt during the month of March 2010, you have an opportunity to explore a myriad of excellent natural family sites as you qualifiy for random prize drawings!

The concept behind our virtual scavenger hunt is to introduce consumers to the wonderful WAHMs that are “out there”, and many new products!

There are limited opportunities remaining to register as a sponsor. Please see the hunt website for more information.

NOTE: “So you want to be a Great Cloth Nappy Hunt Sponsor? We are looking for all types of family friendly business to sponsor our hunt. We are especially looking for websites that DON’T sell cloth nappies. I know what you are thinking, “The “nappy hunt” doesn’t want cloth nappies??” Although we love cloth nappies, 150 websites about cloth nappies can get boring. Variety is the spice of life, as they say.” (from the link above)

26/1/10 UPDATE The sponsor list for the March hunt is now full. Email to go on the waiting list for the September hunt.