9 October 2009


Choose to reuse at Reusable Nappy Week 2009 – next week!

Next week, parents all around Australia will celebrate the fourth annual Reusable Nappy Week (RNW), presented by the Australian Nappy Network.

This year’s theme is choice, highlighting the huge range of modern, fun, affordable and environmentally friendly options now available with reusable nappies.

The week’s events include sewing workshops, information sessions, nappy displays, and informal morning teas and picnics.

“With so many different fabrics and styles being used in reusable nappies today, events like Reusable Nappy Week are a great way for expectant parents or those new to cloth to work out what will suit them best,” says Kira Jessup, mother of two and national RNW coordinator. “There’s something for everyone!”

“This year, we’re really encouraging parents to take a look at the choices out there. Even if you decide to use reusable nappies only part-time, there’s a significant benefit to your wallet and to the environment.”

Modern reusable nappies do not require soaking, folding or pins, and are often made from sustainable, highly absorbent fabrics like bamboo and hemp. Waterproof outers can be made from polar fleece or polyurethane laminate, which are far more breathable alternatives to old-fashioned PVC pilchers.

For a full list of RNW 2009 events, visit www.reusablenappyweek.com.au.

RNW is organised by the Australian Nappy Network, a non-profit volunteer organisation promoting the use of reusable nappies in Australia.


For more information and local media opportunities, contact:

Georgina Ker 0431 867 546 / media@reusablenappyweek.com.au

Kira Jessup 0411 628 433/ rnw@reusablenappyweek.com.au

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Reusable Nappy Week, October 12-18, 2009 and the Australian Nappy Network

–          Reusable Nappy Week (RNW) 2009 is the fourth instalment of this annual event.

–          The Australian Nappy Network (ANN) was established in 2006 to educate the Australian community on the health, environmental and financial benefits of using cloth nappies.

–          Reusable nappies come in four main styles:

  • All-in-one or all-in-two nappies, which include absorbent fabrics and a waterproof outer.  Parts may separate for faster drying.
  • Pocket nappies, which consist of an inner fabric – usually a stay-dry synthetic – and a waterproof outer, with an opening. Absorbent fabric is inserted into the pocket opening.
  • Fitted nappies, which are shaped and elasticated, but need a waterproof cover.
  • Flat or prefold nappies, which need to be folded and used with a waterproof cover.

–          Modern reusable nappies are made from fabrics like hemp, bamboo, microfiber and polyurethane laminate in place of cotton and PVC. They fasten with velcro or press-studs and are easy to launder.

–          In Australia alone, approximately 800 million single-use nappies are delivered to landfill sites every year, and they may take up to 500 years to degrade.

–          A basic reusable nappy system can cost as little as $250, with a typical premium system costing around $850. Single use nappies will cost around $2000 for two and a half years per child.

–          ANN website: www.nappynetwork.org.au

–          RNW website: http://www.reusablenappyweek.com.au