REUSABLE NAPPY WEEK – October 12th – 18th

It’s all steam ahead with the planning for RNW 2009.  The theme chosen for RNW this year is CHOICE in nappying (Choose to Reuse). With reusable nappies you aren’t limited into one style of nappy which has been generally adapted for all babies. One of the great advantages of reusable nappies is that we can choose what will suit our babies’ individual needs from a wide variety of different systems. In addition, by choosing to reuse, you are also choosing to save money, and help the environment.

We have had our first big National Planning Meeting to get things underway with more to come over the coming months. If there’s an event you want to see near you, or you want to lend us a hand during RNW, we’d be happy to hear from you. We need to start locking in events and volunteers soon!  

Some ideas for the types of things that can be done are below, if you think that you can help organise any of these in your state, have some other event ideas or can you help in any way please contact your state co-ordinator  or come and join us on the ANN forum

As said many times, you don’t need to commit to doing a stint on TV or a talk to 100 parents, a simple coffee catch up at a chid friendly cafe, or better still, a park, goes down really well and is fun for all.

Anyone willing to contact their local library about display space, and if they are willing to lend a nappy (or few) to the cause for a week, we can provide posters and flyers. A display at a library is fantastic exposure and low maintenance.

If you have a contact at your local council or would like to seek their support could be useful.

We have previously organised some great workshops and would love to hear from anyone keen to share their nappy sewing knowledge and perhaps make snap presses available. We are looking to have these in a number of states this year.

Do you love your woollies as much as your nappies? Why not share the woolly love around and knit with friends? Perhaps you‘d like to have a go at dyeing your own wool but want someone more experienced to oversee it?

Shopping Centre Displays/Expos have previously been run in the past, including fashion parades. All offers of help welcome.

There will be a national, state and local approach regarding the media. Any tips/offers of help welcome.

If you could distribute posters, flyers and brochures in your local area to service providers and in locations frequented by parents with young children, we would greatly appreciate your offers of help.

We have PLI for any events that require it.

VIC CO-ORDINATOR – We also require a co-ordinator for VIC. Please let us know if you are interested.

GREAT DOWN UNDER NAPPY HUNT (Sept 09) – We may need some helpers to assist with Hunt organisation as well.