Christine Jeavans, a BBC (UK) journalist who set herself the challenge of reducing the amount of plastic consumed in her life. By this, she made one main change – elimintating as much ‘new plastic’ as possible – packaging, plastic bags, and even nappies and sanitary pads.

Speaking on Sunrise (Yahoo 7) this morning, Christine suggested the change from disposable nappies to reusable cloth ones was a tough culture change, and she opted for part time ‘biodegradable’ nappies and part time cloth nappies. She said she started ‘getting into it’ and can see herself continuing to use cloth at least part time 🙂

Check out her blog here

Why don’t you set yourself a similar challenge – see what changes you can make to your plastic consumption. Has using cloth nappies been a catalyst for you to reduce plastic consumption in your life? Or was minimal plastic use all part of your lifestyle before you had kids?