The Australian Nappy Network Ltd is excited to share the following news with residents of the City of Casey in Victoria.

Cloth Nappy Rebate Draw:

The City of Casey would like to encourage parents to choose cloth nappies over disposables. Cloth nappies work out to be much cheaper for parents, as well as better for the baby and the environment.
Cloth nappies are no longer just the terry towelling squares that you might remember from your childhood, instead, they are made from a variety of materials, and many are fitted, some are a cover and liner, and some are all in ones – just like a disposable, except washable. Disposable nappies spend hundreds of years in landfill, and each child in disposables creates over 2 tonnes of nappy waste. Disposable nappies are cheaper per nappy, but you have purchase thousands. Cloth nappies are more expensive per nappy, but you only have to purchase around 30 of them, and you can use them for subsequent children as well, which reduces the costs even further. While cloth nappies have washing costs, these still do not come near the costs of disposables. The savings from using cloth nappies over disposables have been quoted as being up to $5,000 per child in nappies. Just think how that money could be better spent.

The City of Casey will be funding a Cloth Nappy Rebate Draw to encourage parents to choose cloth nappies over disposables. Every month during the draw period, a name and receipt will be drawn from those entered with the attached form, and 50% of the purchase cost for the full set of cloth nappies will be reimbursed (up to $300). Entries will be kept from month to month, so there is no need to re-enter, and you could have a chance to win the next month.

How to enter? Fill in the Nappy Rebate Draw form (dowload here or please contact Abbie or the Council for a copy), and attach your original receipt for the nappies (photocopies not accepted). Nappies need to have been purchased after the 1st of Jan 2008. NOTE: You must be a resident of the City of Casey to be eligible.
All enquiries should contact the Environmental Education Officer, Abbie Lane, on 9705 5691 or
Thank you for your support, and good luck!!
Abbie Lane
Environmental Education Officer
City of Casey



Casey Cloth Nappy Expo!

 10th October 2008
1pm – 8pm
Council Chambers
City of Casey
Civic Centre
Magid Drive
Narre Warren
Workshops, talks, nappy displays, information, raffles, plenty of cloth nappy using mums to talk to,
plenty of nappies to play with and buy.
For further details email Abbie Lane